Step into the World of Rolex at Oakbrook Center

CD Peacock has been a luxury jeweler proudly serving the Chicago area since 1837. Our founder Elijah Peacock and his wife Rebecca emigrated from England to Illinois in 1837 and opened their store that same year. Called the “House of Peacock” at the time, CD Peacock was Illinois’ first registered business. Mr. Peacock set a very high standard for the quality of the watches and jewelry in his store, as well as for his customer service. His efforts and standards have clearly stood the test of time with generations of Chicagoans.

Mr. Peacock’s descendants, including his son Charles Daniel (CD) Peacock, grandsons Robert and Walter Peacock, and great-grandson CD Peacock III continued his passion for excellence. Today, nearly two centuries after CD Peacock first opened its doors, our reputation as a top jeweler remains the same. We’re just as dedicated to our customers as we are to the quality of the watches and jewelry we sell.

Robert Peacock

Following in the footsteps of generations of Peacocks, the Holtzman family has brought CD Peacock into the 21st century. Seymour Holtzman (Pictured with his wife, Evie) took over the reins of the business in 1993, and three generations of his family work at CD Peacock. Just as the Peacocks were, the Holtzmans are dedicated to making CD Peacock’s stores both exceptional and personal.

Seymour Holtzman and Evie Holtzman

CD Peacock has been an Official Rolex Jeweler for over two decades, and we have Rolex showrooms in our Woodfield and Oakbrook locations. We are passionate about Rolex and are looking forward to sharing this enthusiasm with you in Oakbrook. The CD Peacock store is conveniently located in the southern corner of the Center, allowing customers to enter the store without walking through the mall. Our light-filled store’s staff prioritize customer comfort and each person who comes in is greeted and personally welcomed.

Our dedicated Rolex showroom has large windows facing the outside, creating a very inviting, open area in which to explore the World of Rolex. Our experienced and knowledgeable Rolex Ambassadors will guide you through the Rolex watch collection to help you select the perfect timepiece. The attention to design detail in our Rolex showroom echoes the exacting standards that Rolex maintains for their timepieces.

Oakbrook Center Showroom

Warm wood paneled walls and Rolex’s signature green accents create the ideal environment to experience the world of Rolex. We have dedicated seating for our Rolex customers within the showroom and a private lounge for comfort and privacy while selecting the timepiece that is right for you.

Oakbrook Center Showroom

Our dedicated Ambassadors are Rolex-trained and have a vast knowledge of the brand. The Rolex team at Oakbrook are fluent in an array of languages to welcome customers from all parts of the world. Many of our team members have been at CD Peacock for over 10 years and have formed deep bonds with our customers, some of whom visit us just for a cup of coffee and conversation.

At Oakbrook, as part of being a Official Rolex Jeweler, we have a team of authorized Rolex watchmakers in our store. Should you have a question about your timepiece’s mechanics, need a simple service or a more thorough repair, our Rolex-trained watchmakers are always available.

Oakbrook Center Rolex Wall
We invite you to visit us at our Oakbrook store and look forward to welcoming you.
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