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i-GEN is a ministry of Family Worship Centre Whyalla. Find out more here

Developing the Seed of Greatness.

"Everyone has a seed, a seed which when grown has the potential to give birth to success, a tree, which when fully grown gives birth to greatness a forest."

  • Discover the Greatness in You!

    God wants you to be great! It was never his desire that you be sub-par or luke warm. Join us week by week as we develop the greatness within you through the online book 'Developing the Seed of Greatness'.

  • The Revolution Begins Now

    Revolution By Fire's ministry is to to reach people in a vibrant and relevant way; teaching them how to find miracles and breakthrough in their lives, and how to take what they've learnt out with them to reach their schools, universities, works and homes for God.

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  • Core persuasion principals

    Based on over 30 years of research into the topics of persuasion, compliance and negotiation, join us as we examine Professor Robert Cialdini's (authority in social psychology and author of the international best-seller "Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion") core influencing skills that are the foundation of success in leadership and releationship building.

  • Amazing Resources.

    Register now and access our amazing resources designed to propel you into your God appointed destiny. Registration is easy, quick and free, and will grant you full access to our discussions as well as the book 'Developing the Seed of Greatness'.

I-GEN Resources

The I-GEN resources are a collection of studies and products designed to empower believers into their destinies by increasing thier sphere of influence.

Developing the Seed of Greatness

Developing the Seed of greatness is all about how to get from an idea, passion or dream to God given greatness..

Latest Discussions

What does it take to be truely influencial, and why does it matter how much influence we as indivduals or as a church have? Join our online discussion groups?